Our team of strategists, marketers and business developers integrate seamlessly with your team to design and implement sustainable new positioning strategies. We work together to develop a clearly defined proposition, and then deliver on a growth strategy that generates new leads through building both your image and credibility in your target markets.


We’ve refined the process to create our “framework for new business” and it’s actually quite simple – identify your audience(s), understand what their challenges are, position your company as an expert who can help solve these challenges, create compelling content to demonstrate this, and activate the plan through engaging events and human touch.

We push the envelope of what’s possible, while designing for the future in ways that make sense right now. We take on projects that make people’s lives better and the results we want come from exploring and experimenting. It’s the only way to do great work and make a real difference.
— Paris Dean, Founder


We take you through our Whyfinding process to establish exactly who and why you are so we can create an action plan to get you from where you are to what you want to be. We then work with you to refine (and sometimes re-define) your positioning and offering, analyzing your place in a saturated market and identifying how we're going to cut through the crowd.



Using the strategy and marketing tools we've created, we activate the strategy through customized outreach. We work on identifying angles and hooks based on the challenges we think your prospects are facing. We spark up new conversations on LinkedIn, over the phone and on email with the right prospects who can buy your products or services to fill the new business pipeline with customers who are genuinely interested in how you can help them.


We work closely with you to identify your target audience(s) and then conduct deep research to get a complete understand of what keeps them scrolling at night. This helps raise the conversation above your offering alone, builds your image and helps us to keep you at the forefront of your prospect’s minds.



We focus on new business processes, how to diagnose issues with your organization's current ideas, and how to redesign, reconstruct, and monitor these new processes to ensure they’re effective. Once the changes are tested for their effectiveness, we consistently work to update and further improve them. But before developing work strategies, we may have to perform research on your company and determine the issues it faces.